whistling confused the squirrels par birdies at the all girl pool


“the water’s out grandma”
“yes i know”, “how could you know
out of my ear”

grandma doesn’t care
if her husband plays golf
it’s only eighteen holes

“no”, why isn’t it
yes it is ,it’s eighteen holes
No, water again

a man is whistling
somewhere on a balcomny
grandmother answers

whistling back and forth
mimicking each other
all the girls are laughing

then grandma shouts
“this is an all girl pool
girls rule, girls aren’t as noisy”

whistling ,pausing
grandmother tells me this is
“the andy griffin show”

shower is running
on the way to jacuzzi
at another pool

little boy jumps out
asks me how i turned this off
tells me he couldn’t

his answer a song
“to the left to the left
to the left to the left”

he then asks me
“are you here with your family”
so i ask are you


9 thoughts on “whistling confused the squirrels par birdies at the all girl pool

    • there were 2 different conversations going on . the little girl was talking about water in her ear & her gma was talking about everything else in the world.. no one knew what the other was saying, except me…i think gma didn’t care how long her husband was gone.

  1. fourteen holes counting
    the water hazard in the ears –
    little Sheba dances.

    Great post. A Robert Altman movie as a series of haiku stanzas. Love this form & your use of it. 🙂

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