serpent on his shoulder swims swimmingly

four feminine ducks
walking down the water’s plank
beginning ballet

mallard men passing
one behind the other
the line flows to the left

girls dancing far right
they must know what a line is
someone has cooties

females turn around
flowing next to manly men
forming two straight lines

someone’s husband
taking pictures of other ducks
not this cute ballet

foggy and hazy
eighty one yesterday
only seventy four

at eighty one
the pool was chilly but now
fearless man has jumped in

october warmth
sixty seven a few hours ago
no screaming

everyone is born
with the same pool conversation
inside their mind

a man jumps in
the answer is i’m very cold
asks you how you are

he says it will warm up
his son laughs and tells him
he is mistaken

that he saw her in
the pool ten minutes ago
“she would be warm now”

why do you get out
a man with a snake tattoo
shoulder crawling back

he was behind you
his snake was crawling toward you
terrified of asp

back to the beach
where a man stops you and tells you
that you need Reiki

full moon kissing sun
hamantaschen hour
age of aquarius

moonlight veils ballet
“the moon doesn’t take your rights”
simply enhances

quote jeff schwaner

hello hamantaschen haiku

(sung to i’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair/south pacific)

i’m gonna bake that
hamantaschen right outta oat flour (3 times)

enjoy it gluten free

roll it out crimp it out
roll it out crimp it out (2 times)

bah da da ba dah da da

hey Esther

(haiku sung to you don’t bring me flowers melody)

you don’t bring
me hamantaschen anymore
not that you ever did

(melody hello goodbye / beatles)

Come In Yo / purim haiku lyrics

don’t know why you say
hamantaschen i say hello
hello hello

u say raspberry
i say no u say prune and
i say show show show



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Sometimes, time can be the biggest commodity around the shelter. Feeding time, potty time, play time ……. Picture time!

Ralphie 1069765-1Today, we had a very shy little boy. We didn’t have many on the list,  so we were able to spend some extra time with Ralphie. At first he hung at Donna’s side and was very apprehensive about everything. But then after many treats, kind soft words and praise, he just became a fun loving little dog.  His tail slowly came out from the tucked position, his head lifted and he figured out quickly that if he paid attention then he would get rewarded.

For us it was so very rewarding to see this little guy blossom and show his true personality. We even got a smile from him, at least I am calling it a smile.

For our part at the shelter, we are usually in the middle of the…

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your best bitter february friend forever and mine bitter ben

“nothing gets me up
faster in the morning than
two charley horses”

“wouldn’t it be nice
to shorten this phrase somehow
best friend forever”

(i know you wanted
to shorten this phrase
yet i made it much longer)

“i have so much to do
so little motivation
to do it with”

” when i say that
i am going to do my best
i do not mean it”

“do not be a hater
because my wife thrifted
this awesome jacket”

“ben needs instructions
to open a granola bar
he almost starved”

“if you spend
10,000 hours doing something
you are an expert”

“why is that old guy
always telling me to get
my billions back”

(you should hear
what the guy in the turban told me
from that company)

“we might accomplish
something in a meeting
when flying cars arrive”

(you accomplish haiku
without even knowing
what more can one ask)

“SNL forty
where is my celebration
i am forty one”

“happy pizza day”
yet it’s never gluten free
always on friday

“one hundred percent
keeping all resolutions
made january”

(on february 2)

(found this place twitter
i have never been there once
yet i’m a member

since two thousand twelve
julie andrews and sean penn
were following me

spending four hours
last night trying to log in
the very first time)


haiku tv twenty three, it’s Gracie

“oh will you get
some ginger ale the chicken
may not like straight bourbon”

“i know you men
would like to be alone so if
i leave you will be”

“couldn’t afford
metronome so my mother turned on
windshield wipers”


“carl what have i told you
about not using jesus
as your wing man”

“you don’t have to become
a nun to have a relationship
with G-d”

Mike and Molly

“my conscious doesn’t
take time off just because
i have an erection”

“the fact that his fridge
isn’t full of women’s heads
is a miracle”

Hello Ladies
* i meant to hit preview not publish: 21 & 22 haven’t been published yet.

secret service ducks two & shark on thirteenth

coming down the hill
hungry ducks meet you half way
reaching salt water

a little patience
not a fan of silly one
firmly poking shin

yellow beak knocking
three times not on the ceiling
pointing stay no no

understanding words
certain this isn’t the first time
he has heard no

long blond hair cowgirl
her husband hello on by
ten minutes later

they have great tans
before catching up they ask
will you come and join us

in the shade
a man is playing his guitar
starting to hum a song

legs dangling over
inspiring table
where thoughts usually sit

from the thirteenth floor
they saw a hammerhead shark
arms can’t stretch that wide

enjoy seeing whale
lift it’s tail to say hello
not too much of him

pierre and his gang
they know how to close a door
shut and lock tightly

when a car backfires
they assume this a gun
shut, surround and protect


I’ll Meet You Halfway

“that’s better than no way
there must be someway
to get it together”

Partridge Family