part II fish kissing ducks

thirsting for water
turning my back to the sun
i saw them behind

humankind watching
dolphin playing in the sea
dancing for a treat

they like milky way?
flipping in all directions
half hour play date

until all you see
as far as the eye glimpses
tiny black dots.
Man Laughs At Me

“you feeding mullet”
i don’t see any ducks
“have to come early ”

(he doesn’t know what
he’s talking about they eat
every hour of day

also fish racist
he only feeds certain fish ?
doesn’t feed any )

three fish see baguette
they become twelve gobbling
surface ocean’s pond

see they pass come back
swim around again return
water so clear blue

two kiss on each side
now they’re swimming circles
three trying at once

everyone decides
counterclockwise way to go
didn’t tell me why

you won’t believe this
i saw with my own eyes
duck and fish each end

fish swim under duck
see who can grab the bread first
they kiss each other

they’re kissing cousins
take bread right out of your mouth
turtle fish duck

15 thoughts on “part II fish kissing ducks

  1. Just ducky. And dolphin-ee. Wonderful images throughout. The sea was most beautiful today and thankfully it was. Passed four or five different people and groups of people and nobody was friendly at all. Needless to say, that’ll be Monday’s post. But the day ended beautifully (I’ll write about this as well) as I walked home. A ten-year-old with a southern accent asked me, in short, if I needed help carrying a nice wicker table found, glass intact, along the road. Then the postman waved at me and said, “Package.” as he passed, while smiling. But really, Miss Errin, isn’t it sad when Neptune is friendlier than the people you greet with a smile on the coast. That’s why I like reading your words and a few words of others the most. While hanging out with Jon S. here at the pad. Laughing out loud.

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