aqua italian ice
aqua bikini top
aqua towel too

lifeguard beached to nap
next to me in the shade
his second time this week

in different places
lizard comes to watch him
no haiku in this sleep

“i’m a girl watcher”
hey that’s what a lifeguard does
you should watch men too

no one should drown
unless it’s their sorrows
in a margaritaville

jimmy buffet
he’s very big in myrtle beach
singing next door now

on lyndsey’s shirt
carly’s italian ice
her right arm covered tattoos

if this were tv
someone above has planned out
music with beach life



23 thoughts on “beached

  1. Excellent. I particularly love how you use popular music icons and songs in your poetry. It creates a very specific time and place in my mind and makes your use of imagery extra special. I love Jimmy Buffet, BTW.

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