i wish george carlin was here

and also ,to see these crazy commercials. i really should be quiet. i’m already a man (girl) without a country and they will probably throw me out of s.c. for saying this and only george carlin could make this funny, but there are two new commercials…i am not in any way making fun of the disease only the commercial.they apparently have actors laughing hysterically.it scared me, but they say this is a disease , go to the dr. again who is paying for this…seriously if you are cracking up, uncontrollably would you not have sense enough to go to the dr. i can tell you no one is ill laughing hysterically and looking for advice from a commercial. how dumb do they think we are. george carlin would have liked these ill people in his audience and he would have made a joke about waiting to go to the dr. after his concert.

one commercial about the lottery was too many….how we are sorry, but it’s the law and if you aren’t 18 you cannot play, but now they have one telling us dumb south carolinians that we should play responsibly…lol…like that is going to matter..just another waste of money…there are gambling addicts, people with OCD.they can’t help it.your commercail does no good. it’s pointless.and i think it was the governor. i could be wrong, but i don’t pay attention to commercials.i have no time, for stupidity. what happened to the last governor..i see this guy walking aroung the mall in charleston. his office was by my P.T. i move to va. and all of a sudden i see him on nacy grace as a governor, behaving like a sociopath.big suprise.you can see a dozen on law and order every day.

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